First Appearance

Ep1 - Anpanman's Birth

Voiced By

Keiko Toda


Half Human Half Bread

Anpanman (アンパンマン) is the main protagonist of Anpanman, and is the hero the show is named after. He is made from anpan, a bun filled with sweet anko. The Devil Baikinman, was born on the same day as him. He is known for pooping out panko bread crumbs. His gender is male.


Anpanman wears a red uniform and a black coloured cape. His gloves, boots and belt are yellow along with a smiley face symbol on his chest. He has a large round head made of anpan, a bun filled with sweet red bean paste. He has a large red nose in between his rosy cheeks, and a huge smile. Everybody can call him "Bean Bun Boy".


The Gender is Male. Anpanman is happy and friendly, ready to help anyone who needs assistance. His cape is always flapping in the wind, as he spends all day every day flying around saving and helping anyone who needs him. He does everything from pushing carts to finding lost pets, and fighting off any trouble makers. He even pulls off parts of his own head to feed poor, hungry people.

He and Melonpanna never eat anything, making sure that everyone else around them get enough to eat. Instead of eating, they draw the energy from the anko in their heads.


He lives in the bakery with his creators, Uncle Jam and Buttero , along with Cheese the dog (who he saved in the first episode as a child). They bake Anpanman a new head whenever his has been damaged or broken.

His closest friends are Shokupanman and Currypanman , who fight along him in most of his battles. He is friends with almost everyone, and even tried to make friends with Baikinman.


An-punch/An-kick: His punches/kicks have super power, being able to shatter metal to pieces and send huge robots flying into the distance. Shokupanman and Currypanman also have similar attacks, and when performed with each other creating Double or Triple punches, they become even stronger.

When He Has a Boo Boo, When Anpanman has his head damaged, it can be replaced with a new one, instantly returning to him his full power.


If anything happens to his head it weakens him. This includes mumps, mold, getting wet or dirty and even pulling off parts of his own head himself to feed others. With each bit of damage made to his head he gets weaker, eventually losing the power to fly and even move. However all of these are fixed if he gets a new of head.

When his cape gets hot, ripped or frozen, he loses the power to fly. This is the same with all capes with flying powers. His cape can be fixed by Buttero, giving it back its power. Anpanman is essentially immortal and will outlive us all.