Currypanman (AKA currybreadman)



First Appearance

Ep2B - Anpanman and Currypanman

Voiced By

Michiyo Yanagisawa


Anpanman look alike with a brown skin, orange uniform white belt on primary color, and yellow on secondary color, a lemon shaped head, because of his mouth

Currypanman (カレーパンマン) is a major character in the Anpanman series. He is one of Anpanman's allies. He is made from a bun filled with a hot, spicy yellow curry.


Currypanman is cocky and proud, and loves excitement. He is very self confident, narcissistic, more so then Shokupanman. He is kind and generous, jumping at the chance to feed people his delicious curry, but can often be a bit insensitive to things he finds not important.

He believes in a "spicy" way of life, full of taking risks and pushing yourself, which clashes with Shokupanmans beleifs. They often bicker with eachother, although being quite close.

Powers EquipmentEdit

Curry-punch/Curry-kick: The signature attacks of the main three hero's, both the punch and kick are identical to Shokupanman and Anpanman's. The only slight difference is Currypanman tends to spin his arm more before he punches, but this is inconsistent, and dosn't change the result of the punch.

Curry Spit: Currypanman holds spicy curry in his head, which he can spit out to blind opponents, or to even feed people. The more he spits out however the more his head shrinks, until he is powerless.

He has dual pistols in some western-based episodes he can fill with his curry so shoot with. It has the same effect as just spitting the curry out of his mouth, but looks cooler.


  • His character song (Fly! Currypanman (とべ!カレーパンマン)) is one of the few to not be sung by the character it is about, although he does hum or sing it to himself occasionally in episodes.

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