Kokinchan Crying


Female (born)

First Appearance


Voiced By

Aya Hirano


Alien (still reffered to a germ for her mistake of crying)

Kokinchan (コキンちゃん) is a character from the Anpanman anime. She is a young, bright blue germ with a red bow on her antenna. She only came to the town for visits, in a transport egg, until Baikinman made her own UFO


Kokinchan does what she wants when she wants to do it. She never listens to what anyone else says, and doesn't care about anyone else's feelings but her own.

She has a close relationship with her big sister, Dokinchan.


Tears: Kokinchan's fake tears have the power to make people cry for no reason, including Akachanman if they come into contact with them. This usually immobilizes them, making them too busy crying to do anything else but, Only do you say she cries alway.


Kokinchan first appeared in the 2006 Anpanman movie short. She has since become a high-profile character in the series.