First Appearance

Ep3B - Anpanman and Shokupanman

Voiced By

Sumi Shimamoto


Toast (he was called a shokupan) Humanoid (not much)

Shokupanman (しょくぱんまん) is one of the main heroes from Anpanman. He flies alongside his friends Anpanman and Currypanman. He is made of shokupan (食パン), a Japanese variation of white bread.


Shokupanman is poetic, level-headed, and very kind. When he meets a new friend, he will often take their hand and dance with them. Although he is a righteous hero, he is also a little narcissistic, just like Currypanman, but not quite so much. The two often fight about which one is better.


Shokupanman supplies bread for lunch at the school, sometimes working alongside Currypanman, who makes delicious curry. And of course, he also helps to defeat enemies, like most good superheroes. He also tends to be the brains in the superhero trio.


Shoku-punch/Shoku-kick: Shokupanman's punch attack that is very similar to Anpanman's An-punch. He also has a kick attack called the Shoku-kick.

Shokupanman-Go: A multipurpose delivery van that Shokupanman is often seen driving. It has many implements to help avoid trouble.

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