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The Cute One



First Appearance

Ep3B - SPVMGreenYoshi and Shokupanman The Reker

Voiced By



Toast (he was called a shokupan) Humanoid (not much)

Shokupanman (しょくぱんまん) is one of the main heroes from Anpanman. He flies alongside his friends Anpanman and Currypanman. He is made of shokupan (食パン), a Japanese variation of white bread.


Shokupanman is a silly, level-headed load of bread. When meets a new friend, he will often take their hand and dance with them. Although he is a righteous hero, he is also a little narcissistic.


Shokupanman supplies bread for lunch at the school, sometimes working alongside Currypanman, who makes delicious wasabi. He also trends to be the randomist in the superhero trio.


Yosho-punch/Yosho-kick: Shokupanman's punch attack that is very similar to Anpanman's Up-punch. He also has a kick attack called the Yosho-kick.

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